Superstition Mountains - Apache Junction

Superstition Mountains - Apache JunctionRV Resorts & Campgrounds

Apache Junction Campgrounds are the Center of Recreation

From atop the Superstition Mountains and its cliffs rising more than 2,000 feet, one could take in the breadth of beauty surrounding the town of Apache Junction. Thankfully, Apache Junction RV resorts capture some of the same wonder at more manageable heights. Within the Apache Junction campgrounds, a glimpse of the towering mountains can be just as breathtaking as the teetering sunsets to the west. Between those moments, there is plenty to do just outside the campgrounds and RV resorts in Apache Junction.

For starters, visitors to the Apache Junction campgrounds might be surprised to know that the town is home to some of the country’s top golf courses, including Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club. Hiking, boating, fishing and camping also remain some of the most popular recreational activities and are completely accessible from Apache Junction RV resorts. Located just 35 miles east of Phoenix, the desert community is an escape from the hustle and bustle but close enough to the attractions of the city.

Superstition Mountains - Apache Junction Resorts & Campgrounds

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