Puget Sound - Seattle

Puget Sound - SeattleRV Resorts & Campgrounds

Vibrant and lively, Seattle Is Nothing But Fun

Known for originating Starbucks and other well-known companies, Seattle is a fun and bustling city with a unique coffee shop on just about every corner. If being overly caffeinated isn’t your thing, take in the amazing artistic culture of the area
and the forested surroundings.

The Puget Sound Campgrounds place you near the University of Washington and the smaller Jesuit Seattle University which both bring a certain vitality to the area with their large combined student populations. That vigor translates into a fun nightlife which contrasts well with the amazing fishing, hiking, and camping Seattle’s surroundings offer to visitors.

Thousand Trails invites you to stay at our Seattle RV Resorts and enjoy the sophisticated and funky sides of the famed city of Seattle.

Puget Sound - Seattle Resorts & Campgrounds

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